Top Boxes

The Givi Line of top cases is a great way to transport your belongings across the roads of Bermuda. These cases can comfortably carry anything you desire and are specifically designed to securely attach to our motor scooters. 

Givi B37 Top Case

Sleek and adaptable to small and medium-sized motorcycles, this 37-liter case comes with a removable top shell for easy loading. Great for solo riders and visitors who travel light.

Givi V46 Case

Our most popular case option. This 46-liter case is large enough to hold 2 full-face helmets. Convenient, Safe, and secure with its locking mechanism, the V46 is a great option for travelers with a little more cargo.

Givi V47 TECH Case

Our largest case option at 47 liters, this case can handle all your carrying needs. A slick carbon pattern and smoked reflectors help it (and you) stand out on the road. Stylish and practical for the adventurer with a lot of gear.