Top Boxes

Our top of the line storage boxes, specifically outfitted for motorcycles, is a great way for you to enjoy the roads of Bermuda, while comfortably carrying any of your belongings that you may with to have with you. We have different storage sizes available, please read below for more details.

Givi 37 Liter Top Case

It is difficult to compete with the B37 Tech Series. A newer addition on the market, this case offers 37 liters. Aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to low and medium displacement motorcycles, the B37 Tech Series offers a removable painted cover mounted on the top shell, an aesthetic refinement not commonly found.

Givi 46 Liter Top Case

The V46 is a top case set apart from the rest. With its modern design, easy to open lock feature, wide lens, and the replaceable color lid panels, this case can hold two large full face helmets.

Givi 47 Liter Top Case

V47 TECH case, 47 litre black, with carbon pattern finishing and smoked reflectors. Stylish and practical, this case will take care of your storage needs while the carbon fiber finish never fails to catch the eye of any who see it.