Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase new or pre-owned cycles from Oleander Cycles?

Yes, we carry a variety of new cycles from TGB and PGO. We also offer out rental cycles (50cc only) which have been taken off the rental fleet.

Does Oleander Cycles purchase back used cycles?


Can I purchase a new or pre-owned cycle without a Bermuda driver's license?

No, you must have a valid Bermuda driver's license to register the cycle.

What do I need if I want to test ride a cycle?

You need to provide a valid Bermuda driver's license for the class of vehicle you wish to ride. Test rides may not be possible at certain times.

Do your cycles have storage or can a basket or lock box be fitted on to it?

Almost all of our cycles have either storage under the seat or can have a basket or lock box fitted on the cycle. Some accessories may need to be purchased to fit the basket or box on the cycle. Inquire about cost.

Can I arrange insurance of a new or pre-owned cycle when I purchase the cycle?

Yes, we can request an insurance rate from one of the local motor vehicle insurance companies once you complete their Initial Insurance Proposal Questionnaire Form.

What type of insurance do you recommend?

If you are purchasing a new cycle we recommend comprehensive insurance. If you are purchasing a pre-owned cycle then we recommend third party.

Can I arrange the licensing of a new or pre-owned cycle when I purchase the cycle?

Yes, we can provide T.C.D. (Transport Control Department) with the appropriate licensing form once you complete and sign the form.

How long does it take to get my cycle licensed and insured?

Normally the paperwork can be processed within 24 hours Monday thru Thursday however we will not be responsible or liable for delays while TCD processes your paperwork.

Do you require a deposit on the purchase of a cycle?

Yes, we require a $1000.00 deposit on any new cycle and $500.00 deposit on any pre-owned cycle before we will license and insure it in your name. You have to pay for the cycle in full before we will release it to you.

Do you finance the sale of cycles?

No, if you need financing you must approach one of the financial institutions on the island yourself.

What do I need if I want to get a bank loan?

We will provide our Financial Approval Form which provides the breakdown on the cost of the cycle, insurance, license fee, Testplate fee and any accessories you choose to include. The lending institution will need this information to start your loan application with them.

If I purchase a new cycle can I get a free lock, helmet or top box?

We are competitively priced on our cycles and do not use misleading incentives.

Do I get a discount if I pay cash?


Do I get a discount if I purchase more than one cycle?

We do not offer any discounts on the purchase of new cycles unless it is 10 or more. On the purchase of 10 – 14 cycles we offer 10% off the cycle only. (Not accessories) On the purchase of 15 or more we offer 15% off the cycle only. (Not accessories

What type of warranty do you offer on the purchase of a new cycle?

We offer a 3000km OR 6 months warranty depending on WHICH EVER COMES FIRST. Some customers put a minimal amount of mileage on a cycle and some ride long distances so the length of the warranty depends on how the customer uses the vehicle.

What’s included in the new cycle warranty?

We offer a mandatory 1000km or 1 month free service and a 3000km or 6 month free service. Failure to adhere to these service calls will void the warranty. (Note – there is a charge for some materials).

Can I drop my cycle of at any location for service?

The service centre is located at 6 Valley Road, Paget. Any cycles left at remote branches will incur a trucking fee for transporting the cycle to Paget for service; this will delay the start of work on your cycle. All jobs are booked on a first come, first served basis. The Valley Road service department hours are 8.30 am until 5.30 pm Monday through Friday.

How often should I have my cycle serviced?

That depends on how much driving you do. In addition to the first 2 services, we recommend you follow the scheduled services shown in the vehicle handbook.

How long does a routine service take?

Typically around 1 hour however we must review your cycle on a individual basis since each owner treats their cycle differently than the other.

Do I get a free rental cycle when I leave my bike in for service?

No, just like when you have a car serviced you should arrange your transportation needs accordingly.

Do you have spare parts for the cycle I am buying?

We stock parts for every cycle we have the exclusive agency for in Bermuda.